The Last Romantic

A Love Story Inspired by True Events

Belinda is healthy, happy and has a successful career in advertising. Yet, she cannot seem to shake enormous feelings of discontent. Something uncontrollable is happening that goes beyond the romantic notions of living the perfect life and meeting the perfect man. As her soul calls out to fulfill its purpose of living a creative and passionate life, Belinda decides she is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

After Belinda takes a leap of faith and decides to embrace her dreams of writing a book and living in London, she becomes engulfed by the glorious frenetic energy that accompanies her intrepid journey. As she fills her days writing and exploring the city, Cupid’s arrow unexpectedly strikes her in the form of a handsome, bearded English Renaissance man. Suddenly her London life seems perfect. Or is it? As uncertainty and confusion transforms into treacherous over-analysis and eventual disillusion, Belinda’s writing suffers. Now only time will tell if she will be able to escape the shadow of looming madness or find the clarity she so desperately needs.

The Last Romantic is a lyrical tale that shares the spiritual story of a woman’s artistic awakening and quest to fulfill her soul’s destiny as she travels to London to write a book and discovers that all of the answers to life’s most profound questions are closer than her philosopher’s mind dares to think.